Our Advisors

Gary Morris

Retired Quality Control | Production Clerk

Gary started in spring of 1969 in the alloy dept. He worked as fill in for different jobs when others went on vacation, clean-up man, pan man, taper helper, and mix man. Gary returned to Niagara College in the fall of that same year.  After graduating from the tool & die and metallurgy program, he re-applied in spring of 1970 and started the same week in the alloy dept. He worked in alloy lab, quality control, and production clerk, and part time foreman helper in the furnace room and tilters. When alloy closed, Gary moved to the carbon lab in 30 building. Over time he moved up to leader of the three lab workers, and shortly moved into the new lab in 108 building. Because of my machining background in school, I did most of the checking of the tool cutters for carbon and graphite production as well as machined quality on finished products and helped with all raw material testing until closure. While at UCAR and after, I was an active member of the Niagara Falls Vol. Fire dept. at station #6 for over 37 years.