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Mar 11, 2022

ReGen Signs Agreement For Groundbreaking Welland Project

Welland, ON – Promising a boom to the local economy, ReGen Resource Recovery has signed an MoU agreement with King & Benton, a Canada-based real estate and redevelopment company, to extract 2,000 tonnes of high-end graphite per day on its Welland property.

King & Benton Holdings was founded in 1996 by Steve Charest and is a leading redevelopment company based in Brantford, Ontario. It has acquired over 1,000 acres of land for industrial and commerce development, and holds over 900,000 square feet of industrial and commerce space in its portfolio.

In 2017, King & Benton purchased approximately 300 acres of land in Welland for redevelopment. Through Charest’s initial due diligence, evidence of high-grade graphite was found on the property. Preliminary analysis suggests that the graphite fulfills the most stringent standards of all sectors of the graphite market.

ReGen, a King & Benton sister company, was first established to enter the refined graphite market with an emphasis on lithium-ion batteries used for electric vehicles and robotics. The company aims to reclaim the Welland graphite for further processing in order to sort the graphite into the appropriate markets.

While a stroke of luck, ReGen believes in leveraging the discovery for the benefit of both the global electric vehicle market and the local community. Through the agreement, the company hopes to advance its mission to establish itself as a world-leader in regenerating key resources for the growth of a green economy and reducing humanity’s carbon footprint.

“We want to impact people,” says Chairman Steve Charest. “We want to impact the masses. When we talk about a movement–that’s what I’d like to do.”

ReGen has recruited retired professionals largely responsible for the successes of Union Carbide Welland, formerly the highest grade synthetic graphite manufacturer in the world, to lend their expertise to the regeneration and rebirth of the Welland graphite supply to meet market demand.

The deal promises to invigorate the local economy through job creation and use of the Welland Canal. For Charest, making an impact on the community is a top priority.

“If someone in Welland is going to buy an electric vehicle with ReGen material–a friend, a family member, or a neighbor built it. Somebody they know produced it.”

The Welland ReGen Project will serve as an example of how “work American” can give back to the future and as a result establish a battery material supply chain certainty, resulting in new job creation and investment.

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