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Jun 03, 2022

ReGen Proud to Announce Partnership with Niagara College

WELLAND, Ont. — ReGen Resource Recovery is proud to announce a new partnership with Niagara College, offering work placements for students enrolled in the school’s Environmental Studies program.

ReGen recently hosted 22 Niagara College Environmental Studies students and three faculty at its Welland location, where it showcased environmentally significant locations such as the on-site peat pond, retention pond, GAC plant, filtration plant and graphite reserve.

“The discovery of pure synthetic graphite at our site is significant, and allows us to draw a strong connection between the proud industrial past of this area, and a promising future,” says Steve Charest, Chariman of ReGen Resource Recovery. “Working with Niagara College to help shape tomorrow’s bright minds is a key link in that chain that connects our history with what’s to come.”

This site visit was a pre-empt to ReGen’s decision to enter into the Niagara College co-op program, where students gain hands-on work experience that counts towards their program requirements. The program will begin Monday, May 30th, with four work placements.

The students will partake in soil sampling exercises, part of ReGen’s Excess Soil Program that provides specific soil qualities that are needed on various areas of the property to facilitate the redevelopment of both residential homes and an industrial building. Approximately 900,000 tonnes of soil will be imported to the site during the project, and students will conduct frequency sampling, sample handling, record keeping and reporting.

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